Hello and Welcome to all!

My name is Stefan Gronewold.

That was me

Cooking and baking are my greatest passions. Trying out new recipes, or exchanging recipes with others and trying them out is really fun.

Since my heart attack in March 2017, I stopped smoking and noticed clearly that I was gaining weight. Not only were new medications to blame, but also snacking which one seeks as a substitute for smoking.

Shortly before my pain therapy in March 2019, I was also diagnosed with diabetes type 2. I learned in pain therapy to take my problems by the scruff and not run away from them. In short, I discovered the low carb world for myself.

Since September 2019 I eat low carb, but not strictly low carb but healthy. I don’t eat pasta or rice, potatoes at most once a week or when I get an appetite for them. Otherwise there are now and then grains like bulgur, couscous, ebly etc. but also in moderation.

The low carb diet together with a lot of exercise, has helped me in a little more than 12 weeks, already lost 10 kg weight.
Who thinks the low carb diet alone is enough to lose weight, I can already take the wind out of their sails, and say both together works. Especially in the early days, the weight can also stagnate times, at the point yes not give up, but continue.

You found here German Recipes and International Recipes. But all Recipes are good when you have Diabetic Problems. Take care on you.

If you have any questions, just use the contact form or send an email to groni1207@gmail.com, I guarantee to answer, just sometimes not within an hour unless I’m online.

I give no warranty for the Recipes and the Nutrition Informations. I also do not answer questions that belong in the hands of a doctor. I’m not a Doctor, or a Professional Cook. I am also not a nutritionist. I only a person with Diabetic Type 2 and a bit more issues, who will eating healthy, but does not want to do without all.

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