Cut Green Beans or Sour Beans

This is again such a „typical“ East Frisian Recipe, which one knows not only in East Frisia, but also in other areas of Germany (for example in the Rhineland). To prevent the flood of protest emails: Sure, in Ostfriesland the cut green beans are world famous and every East Frisian has his stone pot in the basement and there are once a week Schnippelbohnen to eat.

Ingredients :

fresh green beans,


grape leaves,

stone pot


Soft-shelled beans without strings are best for this recipe. The beans are then cut and layered about 4 cm high in a stone pot whose bottom is covered with salt. Now sprinkle with enough salt until well covered. So it goes layer by layer. Finally, put on top of a layer of grape leaves and a board weighted with a stone. This stuffed stone pot is kept cool for about 14 days, making sure that the beans are covered with the lake formed. Now the grape leaves are removed and the beans covered with a linen cloth. Leave cloth and board to dry for about 6 weeks from time to time. Water the beans well before cooking.
yes and then somehow cook – and just eat.