East-Frisian Potato Soup with Shrimps

2.2lbs Potatoes,

9oz Bacon (solid piece),

18oz small cooked Shrimps,

3 Carrots,
some Celery,

1 stick of leek,

4-5 Onions,

Parsley, Pepper and Salt.

Cut bacon and onions into little pieces, and saute it in a pot until they are slightly brown. Then add about 33.81 fl.oz water to it . Dice the potatoes, chop the veggies, and put it with a little salt in the pot. Let it cook for about 1 hour. After this, puree the whole mixture and taste it off with some pepper. Next, place the shrimp in the soup dishes, pour the soup over it, and scatter the fine minced parsley over it.

To this fine meal, we normally serve a beer or a dry white wine.