East Frisian tea

East Frisian tea

The largest tea drinkers in Germany are undoubtedly the East Frisians. Tea drinking is still comparable here with a cult, so you should take a lot of time for the preparation and for drinking.

The following Equipment is required:

Teapot, warmer, tea cups, (decor „East Frisian Rose“), ostfr. Teaspoon tea strainer or „tea broom“, raw cream (cream spoon) (there’s only here in Ostfriesland)

The ingredients:
soft water !! ; East Frisian Tea from (Bünting, Thiele Friesenborg, …)
Kluntje (coarse white sugar candy from Pfeiffer & Langen, Cologne (!)) Fresh skimmed cream, or if necessary fresh fresh tea cream

Here we go:

Rinse the teapot with boiling water until hot, add 1 tsp + 1 tsp „for the pot“ per cup of tea to the pot and fill it up to about 1/4 with the water. approx. 3 min. pull and then fill the pot completely. Put 1 Kluntje in the cup, pour the tea through the sieve / broom into the cup and carefully whip the cream with the cream spoon „on the tea“. DO NOT stir! (is frowned upon here!). DRINK now! And slowly „slurp“ to the sweetness.

There are 3 cups of tea per person in East Frisia and if you do not want any more then the teaspoon is put into the cup (only he is there for that).