Gray Peas with Bacon

250 grams (8 ½ oz.) gray Peas
( available in East-Frisia only, but you can take the „normal“ Peas too )
2 Carrots, 2 Leeks, 250 gr. Bacon (solid piece),
5 med. Onions, Butter, Salt.

Let the peas soak overnight in a pint of water. Chop the leeks and carrots into small pieces, and put it in the pot with the peas. Add a little salt, and let it cook for about 2 ½ – 3 hours. In order for the peas not to split, you need to keep it on low heat. After all, the water has to be evaporated, then again add a little salt if necessary. In the mean time, dice the bacon, and cut the onions into thin slices. Then fry the diced bacon, add a little butter and sauté the onions until light brown. Serve this in separate preheated bowls. If your taste buds allow it, try pickles or pickled plums and mustard with this meal.

Don’t be to conservative, try a beer with this and of course, don’t forget the life- saver after dinner, a Schnaps.