Kale or leaf cabbage

2-3 kg (6-6 ½ lbs.) Kale or Leaf Cabbage,

1oz Grits,

4 Onions,

4 smoked sausage,
2lbs 4oz. Bacon and / or cooked Ham,

Shortening, Pepper, Salt, Sugar.


Take the Kale and separate the stems from the leafs. Wash thoroughly, and cut into little. In a pot add chopped onions with shortening, let it sauté a little, and add the Kale. After a while, add a little water, the bacon/ham, and a little bit salt. After 1 hour cooking time, add the grits, and let it cook for another hour. Put the smoked sausage in the pot wit the Kale about ½ hour before serving the meal. Spice with salt, pepper, and a little sugar.
Serve the Kale with Potatoes or baked Potatoes.

Tip from me: The Kale has the best taste, when you warm over it.

Beer, and Spirits will be served with this Menu in Germany, the Spirits is for the fat digestion.