Puffert (yeast dough) un Peern (pears)

800 grams Flour,

3 Eggs,

18 oz. Milk, 

1 pack Yeast , 

1 tablespoon Lard 

4 tablespoons Sugar,

1 pinch Salt.

Mix the yeast, 1 teasp. sugar, and about 5 tbsp. warm milk together. In a bowl add flour, eggs, milk, shortening, yeast, sugar, and salt, mix it up real good. Then beat the dough real good with a whisk. Take a kitchen towel and scatter some flour dust on it. Place the dough on it, and keep it at a warm place, for the dough to rise. Then put the ready dough in a metal form, and put this form in a large pot with water. The form must touch the bottom of the pot. Then let the water boil for about 1 hour. Serve this with a vanilla-cream sauce and canned pears. Cold leftovers taste good with butter and East-Frisia Tea.