Raisins soaked in Brandy or Sinbohntjesopp

The birth of a real East Frisian baby is only with her really complete: the East Frisian bean soup. A custom for expectant fathers in the extreme northwest of Germany.

The „Frisian bean soup“ made fast, but must draw. It also contains only four ingredients, and beans are not included. It does not make you sick, but it does make you happy, and is therefore the traditional welcome drink for the birth of an East Frisian baby.

So that the „soup“ is perfect, the father should start preparations about a week before the expected birth. He has to wash raisins in warm water and prepare them with brandy, rum and candy. The variety of selected ingredients, e.g. where the rum comes from and what color the candy has can greatly affect the taste. Every East Frisian family has its very own recipe here. As soon as the raisins are as firm as a child’s toe (= kinnertön), the East Frisian bean soup is ready for the well-wishers to serve.

Here now the Recipe:


250 gr sultanas / raisins, 100gr Sugar ( Kandis ),
1 l (East Frisian) brandy (hardly to get outside of East Frisia)
Alternatively it does a simple not too sweet brandy.

Dissolve the Sugar ( Kandis ) with a little warm water, then wash the sultanas and add the spirits to a Punch bowl or something similar and stir. Let it soak for about three days or longer. And serve it with a teaspoon in Branntwienskopke (Cups without handle).